Brushfire North Inc. Strategy, Design, Production, and support for modern businesses

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We are makers of the modern web

  • We specialize in getting your organization to the cloud.  As Azure cloud platform specialists we can ensure you get the most value from your cloud solution.
  • We offer a full range of digital agency services from ideation and design through development and testing to hosting and support.  
  • We serve customers in the following industries: 
    Healthcare & CPG


We blend strategy, art, and science to solve real world problems by leveraging cloud and emerging technologies to help our clients drive their brands and initiatives.

We are experts in software engineering, digital design, and emerging technologies. We specialize in cloud computing solutions using the Azure platform,  gamification, web design and development, and enterprise solutions. Our clients include organizations rooted in finance, fine arts, advertising, consumer packaged goods, education, and healthcare.

Contact us today to see how our services can help your organization innovate and create utilizing the power of the cloud.


Grant Wilson

Co-Founder & CTO

Grant Wilson has been working professionally as a systems architect and software developer for more than fifteen years. Prior to founding Brushfire North Grant was the CIO of a leading Toronto marketing agency, directing development of several enterprise level software products.

Grant has been programming in various evolving languages since early grade school, and has post-secondary education in software development as well as numerous Microsoft certifications. Today you will find Grant as the CTO of Brushfire North - in charge of all software development and R&D functions.

Grant manages product development, training and R&D.

Mike McKinnon

Co-Founder & COO

Mike McKinnon is a software developer and systems architect who has over fifteen years of professional experience in many areas of web programming, digital marketing and emerging technologies. During his time as a programmer and architect he has worked on many large brands and initiatives for clients in retail, wholesale, automotive, law, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and travel sectors.

Mike is also an accomplished salesman who has worked in various sales positions in and outside of the IT services industry. In 2010, Mike saw an opportunity to provide excellent strategic, production, and supportive services to companies and brands, and formed Brushfire North with Grant Wilson to do just that.

Mike is responsible for new business development and partnerships.

Partner with us

Brushfire North is member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and has achieved Gold standing in Application Development and Cloud Platform competencies, and silver standing in the Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency.  As a Systems Integrator we can properly plan, build, deploy, and manage your next cloud project using the latest Microsoft technologies.  Contact us today to discuss your next cloud project or to obtain licenses for cloud based Microsoft products.

Clients & Brands

    • 3SP Media
    • Alberta Health Services
    • AuditDashboard
    • Bensimon Byrne
    • BMO
    • Canadian Opera Company
    • Chambers Food Service
    • Chapman's Ice Cream
    • Cincinnati Children's Hospital
    • Clark & Horner
    • Clarus Securities
    • Cossette Communication Inc.
    • Delvinia Interactive
    • Dotfusion Interactive
    • Heart & Stroke Foundation
    • Hilite Fine Foods
    • HP
    • It's NP Digital Inc
    • LEARNstyle
    • Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
    • Marketing Copilot
    • Michigan Congenital Heart Center
    • Microsoft
    • Monster Media
    • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    • Oregon Health and Sciences University
    • Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Centre
    • Pinty's
    • Real Interactive
    • Scotiabank
    • Toronto Symphony Orchestra
    • University Health Network


  • Microsoft Partner Network
  • Agility CMS
  • Windows Azure


Cloud Computing

“More than 57% of the Fortune 500 are using Microsoft Azure, and on average 1,000 customers are signing up every day.”

Leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure we can provide solutions to help businesses quickly deploy projects to the cloud with ease. Cloud planning, procurement, application and data migration services, software development for cloud, monitoring, maintenance, support is all part of the Brushfire North experience.

Digital Strategy & Design

Acting as planners, builders, collaborators, and problem solvers we work with digital teams, advertisers, or brand stakeholders to plan and deliver unique solutions to elevate our clients or their brands.  From LOB software solutions, to digital marketing micro-sites, content managed websites or video games. We have the expertise to evaluate your objectives from multiple angles and deliver the best solution that fits your budget and needs.

Web Development

We build amazing web based software solutions using the latest in Microsoft technologies. Whether you are in the financial sector, healthcare, education, or marketing & advertising we have the expertise and resources to align our technology with innovative, cutting-edge ideas.

Read about the Clarus Securities Web Portal we created with Bensimon Byrne

Mobile Application Development

Using Xamarin, a powerful new development stack from Microsoft we are able to build native iOS and Android apps using a common codebase and modern testing and deployment tools.  This allows us to get your app to market faster, saving you time and money.

Inbound Marketing with Dynamics® CRM

Harness the power of Microsoft's flagship CRM software by streamlining your inbound marketing channels and contact forms into one platform.  Brushfire North offers an inbound marketing solution consisting of a new website, facebook app, dedicated survey module and inbound lead generation form designed by award winning designers and customized for your business.  All backed by Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online.  

Read about how Chambers Food Service modernized their marketing and referral programs.

Games and Gamified systems

Brushfire North builds HTML 5 video games and game based platforms for a variety of clients.  Chapman's Kids Club is a web based loyalty program with several web based games and activities for kids of all ages to participate.  LEARNStyle PULSE is an online gamified tool designed to assist in the identification of student’s learning styles in order to improve their abilities to learn by focusing on strengths.  

Emerging Technology

Leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies such as C#, .NET, WPF, enterprise and cloud services we can transform your brand’s experience into a cutting-edge interactive work of art. Technologies like Microsoft’s Kinect and the cross-platform capabilities of HTML 5 are re-shaping the way brands and advertisers engage their customers. Our experience with emerging technologies can provide your brand the competitive advantage it deserves in today’s marketplace.

See how we worked with Cossette Communication Inc. to create an engaging way for Cheerio’s fans to share their stories of love and connection.

Case Studies