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Joining IMC

Joining IMC Business Architcture

By: Mike McKinnon
| Category: Entrepreneurship

Brushfire North has merged with IMC Business Architecture.  This merger takes effect December 1, 2017.

IMC Business Architecture is an innovative software development company with offices in Toronto, London, and Changsha.  IMC helps organizations reexamine the way they approach software solutions.  They work with some of the largest businesses in the world and specialize in Behavioual Artificial Intelligence, custom software development, organizational change, and data sciences. 

We decided to merge with IMC because we saw an opportunity with two businesses that can mutually benefit from each other.  IMC has a deep skillset in delivering artificial intelligence products, effecting organizational change, and building great software solutions in an innovative way.  Additionally, they have a great leadership team that has years of experience in software design and development.  I always knew the secret to success was to surround yourself with people smarter than you.  Heck, i founded Brushfire North by partnering with one of the smartest people I have ever met.  And for eight years we blazed a trail defining what the modern web meant.  Imparting our knowledge and expertise with clients such as Scotiabank, The Canadian Opera Company, University Health Network, Chapman's Ice Cream; agencies such as Cossette, Delvinia, Zync, and Monster Media.  With the departure of my partner in 2016 I saw an opportunity to join forces with a company i greatly admire and enjoy working with, to help them and have them help us.  

IMC has an amazing client roster including Chairman's Brands, Munich Re, London Hydro, CIBC, CarSquid and more, and I am personally very excited to be able to bring all Brushfire's experience and knowledge to IMC to help them enhance their customer offerings and have them enhance our customer offerings.  Plus, we get to once again blaze a trail in this brave new world.  Marrying modern web and software development practices with cutting edge machine learning systems, broader cloud platform offerings and top-quality data sciences, research, and leadership.

As of December 1, 2017 Brushfire North's operations will begin the merger with IMC BA and over the next year we will transition our brand and name to IMC.  I will be the CTO of IMC and am very excited to be starting this new chapter of my work life.  Thanks for reading this! 

Mike McKinnon
Founder of Brushfire North and CTO of IMC BA. 

Check out IMC's website at http://www.imcba.com