We Are Makers Of The Modern Web


Cloud Computing

We are a Gold Cloud Platform partner for Microsoft who can help you use the cloud in whatever way you are comfortable with.  We provide cloud consulting and architecture services.  We also provide development services customized for the cloud. We can migrate your websites, applications, and databases to the cloud, or to a hybrid configuration.  By utilizing us as a Cloud Service Provider your organization can free up IT personnel to focus on business challenges instead of maintaining servers and monitoring uptime.  

Inbound Marketing with Dynamics® CRM

Harness the power of Microsoft's flagship CRM software by streamlining your inbound marketing channels and contact forms into one platform.  Brushfire North offers an inbound marketing solution consisting of a new website, facebook app, dedicated survey module and inbound lead generation form designed by award winning designers and customized for your business.  All backed by Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online.  

Read about how Chambers Food Service modernized their marketing and referral programs.

Web Development

We specialize in modern web development.  In the past three quarters of a decade we have delivered hundreds of websites using Microsoft’s technologies and we’ve learned a great deal in that time.  We have refined our process to ensure the highest level of quality with regards to accessibility, responsiveness, SEO, and security best practices.

Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is the important work of ensuring websites and web technologies are more accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities.  For several years now we have worked with clients to provide accessible digital projects.  Throughout those projects, we’ve learned to write better, more flexible code.  Today we offer accessibility consulting, retro-fitting, and testing services.

Mobile Development

Using Xamarin, a powerful new development stack from Microsoft we are able to build native iOS and Android apps using a common codebase and modern testing and deployment tools.  Xamarin's tool set comes with robust application tracking, analytics, and testing products that allows us to get your app to market faster, saving you time and money.

Gamified Experiences

Brushfire North has built out some expansive and interesting gamified systems for our clients. Chapman's Kids Club is a web based loyalty program with several games and activities for kids of all ages to participate. LEARNStyle PULSE is an online gamified tool designed to assist in the identification of student’s learning styles in order to improve their abilities to learn by focusing on strengths. Both these platforms are built using the modern web and plugin-less technologies.