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AuditDashboard 3.0

About AuditDashboard

AuditDashboard is on a mission to modernize audit. The Company helps audit professionals and their clients standardize the information collection process by providing an intuitive, web-based software that houses mission critical file sharing, communication and reporting. Accounting firms who use AuditDashboard deliver consistent client experiences that drive efficiency and promote accountability in a completely secure way.


Brushfire North has been providing custom development services and support for AuditDashboard since its launch in 2012. This includes custom development, consulting, and managed cloud hosting and support. In 2012, Brushfire North helped release the first commercial version of AuditDashboard. Since then we’ve helped AuditDashboard by hosting and providing SLA backed 99.5% up-time support.

The Problem

In 2016 AuditDashboard’s technology was four years old and needed a refresh if the Company wanted to satisfy their customers hungry for new and innovative features.

iPadBased on the advancements made in the past four years with the modern web and cloud based services it was decided that AuditDashboard would be completely rebuilt – cloud first. Using Microsoft Azure and modern web practices Brushfire North was able worked with AuditDashboard to build on lessons learned from the first two versions and build a highly secure and scalable product that would satisfy both new and current customers for year’s to come. Hopped up on maple syrup, wearing too much plaid, and enjoying some Canadian Club the team launched AuditDashboard 3.0 into the cold, wintery tundra.

The new AuditDashboard can not only race a pack of huskies down a mountain but it is also packed with new productivity and security features that instantaneously make it best in breed for audit management software. While it fights Sasquatches off with a hand-forged Hudson Bay hatchet it enables audit professionals to easily manage their engagements across a wide range of clients. It features bank level security and makes maple syrup!*

*Disclaimer: AuditDashboard may not actually be able to race dogs, fight Sasquatches, and make syrup.  May not. 

The rebuild involved a full range of services including client consultation, interactive architecture and design services, full stack programming, database design, and development; and security and scalability consulting. We had to consider the fact that the customer base is global.


The Result

The new AuditDashboard contains a modern, user friendly design that puts the information that is most important to the auditor front and center. From a feature perspective, many new items were added including an activity view, that summarizes engagement activity in a timeline right on the auditor’s dashboard. A static file portal was created to allow permanent files to be stored securely outside a client’s engagement(s). The entire notification system was re-written to provide immediate notifications to users both within the application and via email. This allows professionals to know when a file has been uploaded or a request’s status has changed in real time.

Some of the core features include:

LaptopAnd of course, what would a new product be without a new cloud infrastructure to host it. The existing infrastructure was scrapped and a new service oriented architecture was designed. This allows Brushfire North to provide 99.5% uptime SLA coverage and gives our clients the freedom to select a data center based on their governance or document residency requirements. With data centers across North America, Europe and abroad we can ensure all professional firms stay in compliance with their organization’s policies, regardless of their geographic location.

Have a look at AuditDashboard here here.  And if you are interested, feel free to book a no obligation demo to learn more about a great product we are very proud to have partnered with.